Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mukasey as AG~Is this "As Good As It Gets"?

Bad News!!!

THE U.S. Senate zionists crawled out from underneath rocks to support zionist bagman Michael Mukasey tonight by a vote of 53 - 40. Rest assured you will see more 911 cover-up, the AIPAC spy trial will be jettisoned , Dick Cheney will find smooth sailing for the cover-up of his next false flag obscenity against America, and torture will be the new law of the land.

Michael Mukasey: Giuliani’s Inside Man?

White Men With Money 9/17/07 NYMAG

Yesterday, when we gleefully listed Michael Mukasey's homeboy specifications (born in the Bronx, went to an UES yeshiva, etc.), we glossed over the most intriguing part: the current A.G. nominee's extensive ties to Rudy Giuliani. The connections between the two deserve their own list. Not only did Mukasey swear in the mayor in both 1994 and 1998, he donated heavily to his presidential campaign; Mukasey's son Marc works at Bracewell & Giuliani, Rudy's boutique law firm; and both Marc and Michael are the Giuliani campaign's judicial advisers. In fact, as a federal judge in the Giuliani era, Mukasey had to recuse himself from some City Hall–related cases because of his friendship with the mayor. Today's Times even describes a less-than-hilarious prank Mukasey played on Giuliani in the seventies (it involved Rudy getting a job at a law firm).

This begs an obvious question: Will Mukasey's very likely confirmation give Rudy an astonishing campaign advantage — a man of his own in D.C.? Are we looking at the filling of the first chair in the theoretical Giuliani cabinet? And why would George Bush hand Rudy such a splendid gift? The thrice-married, pro-choice hardass, whose perceived 9/11 heroics contrast mightily with My Pet Goat, can hardly be the president's preferred successor.

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  1. Yeah, but as you pointed out, Ru-dee would be the neoconmunist/Zionist/AIPAC choice of succession.