Monday, October 08, 2007

WHO, Project Day Lily, and Gulf War Illness

In their book "Project Day Lily" the Nicolsons tell their personal saga that is intertwined with major events and forces in recent American history. This linear narrative testifies about the strength of authors' perceptions and convictions. It is also a story of transformation of a couple of scientists into advocates for causes that they believe in so deeply.
Stanimir Vuk-Pavlovic, Ph.D.,
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Mayo Clinic Graduate School

In researching this article on Wikipedia I found very little information on Garth Nicholson although he is a leading microbiologist and has been doing work with Gulf War Vets since Poppy Bu$h's war in 1991, but I did find plenty of information on Professor Simon Wessely

Professor Simon Wessely's name is known to the thousands of sufferers of chronic illnesses in Britain and abroad who have been hurt by his philosophy. A psychiatrist, for years Wessely has been the outspoken proponent of the view that chronic physical conditions such as Gulf War Illness, ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivity and others are simply "all in the head" of the sufferer.


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This web site provides reliable and current information and message board support to those with a chronic disease that may be attributed to a chronic mycoplasma infection.

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  1. I knew a Gulf War I vet when I worked in a warehouse in 1995. The building was oppressingly hot during the summer and freezing arse cold in the winter. This guy wore a long, hot trenchcoat during the summer saying he was cold and wore nothing but a t-shirt during the winter saying it was too hot.

    WTF? Was that shit in his head? I doubt it. He had to go up to the local VA hospital once a month to get some kind of shot he said. The guy was crackers in the noodle too, he couldn't drive a car, was homeless and didn't eat solid food, just drank beer all of the time.

    You can't tell me that people like that are just 'mental'. These crack-pot docs who say that shit are probably paid by the NWO and are really experimenting on these people. Sick.