Friday, October 05, 2007

Guilty Plea Stands, but Craig Won’t Quit Senate

Senator Larry Craig exhibits his executive privilege as he refuses to leave his office until he serves his third term which expires in Jan. 2009. He has learned well from Bu$hco and will not leave office until he is carried out kicking and screaming, much like his proteges', Rover, Woofowitz, Bolt-on, Rummy, Gonzo, Powell, Asscroft, etc. etc.

The new RNC logo has a (blue?) sex crazed elephant on it, indicating a male role for their party, while sporting Democratic party colors. I can only guess what the three stripes are about? Would it be the three branches of government that Bu$hco is planning to take control of when an emergency arises? Excuse my cynicism but I can't help but wonder if Porkrind has really retired...G:

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  1. Craig feels he was "entrapped" G: and not really gay.

    Hey, if you had a day gig where you just lied your ass off all day long, got a little extra piece of booty (pick your poison) and got a six figure salary to boot, you'd be slow to give it up to!