Sunday, September 16, 2007

~VIDEO~ America: Freedom to Fascism - Director

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Watch America: From Freedom to Fascism for free. This film Russo rushed through production likely right after he realized his close "Rockefeller friend" was a clear accessory to mass murder in the 9-11 events, as fascist plots were being hatched from the U.S. military and the Bush/Cheney clique around 9-11. However, Russo's film starts this slow fascist coup back in 1913, toward how the Federal Reserve began to create the perfect totalitarian monitored society--of which Nicholas Rockefeller's additions to this totalitarian society are detailed and coming out into the open only from Summer 2001 to the present.

Google once censored Russo's film and deleted it--until Aaron Russo himself authorized its uploading for people to watch for free. Google hacks remain silent--for now. The film has moved steadily up after Google stopped censoring it:

~VIDEO~ 1 hr. 51 min.

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