Friday, September 14, 2007

Marine takes a stand against the Iraq war

Taking a stand

I informed my chain of command of my beliefs. I could tell from that first conversation that things were not going to go well. I told them that I believed our presence in Iraq was unlawful. I explained that I no longer believed in a policy of war and that I would file as a conscientious objector. Simply put, I could no longer in good conscience participate in a combat role against the Iraqi people.

Seconds after the words left my mouth, my life changed. Inside I had more peace than I had felt in over a year. I knew immediately that I had done the right thing. However, I was aggressively disarmed, confined, and shut off from contacting anyone, including family or an attorney.

I was illegally confined to a cot in an operations room, placed under 24 hour guard, and escorted to the bathroom before I was formally charged with refusal to follow an order two weeks later. I remained confined until I pled guilty (with little choice) less than a week after that. I was immediately sent to Camp Arifjan in Kuwait to serve 30 days in a military prison. I was just released from the brig the other day and I’m now in the process of being "kicked out" with an "Other Than Honorable" discharge. I regret nothing.

After I told my command my beliefs, and once they realized they couldn't intimidate me and that I was serious, they decided that it was going to become an "information war".

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  1. Thank you, Geezer.

    That Marine is a brave man and he's right, the troops are cut off from information or fed lies and so are we. Iraqis fleeing the country and Bush thinks it is progress. He denounces Syria but yet they are taking the people in.

    Perhaps the U.S. should have left democracy alone years ago...
    An Anti-Democracy Foreign Policy: Iran

    End the Reagan/Bush==Bush, Clinton, Bush-Cheney, ?? Clinton again era forever. Dysfunctional insanity is progressive and deadly.


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