Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dan Rather sueing CBS for $70 million over expose' on Bush's military record.

The former anchor, suing for $70 million, says he has uncovered new facts about his ouster.

By Scott Collins, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 21, 2007

Former CBS anchor Dan Rather is vowing an aggressive pursuit of his $70-million lawsuit against the network, saying he's determined to get his former bosses under oath and prove that they caved to government pressure in forcing his ouster.

"I didn't take this on to have it dwindle away," Rather said in a phone interview Thursday. "I'm prepared to fight it all the way. . . . I don't have to be afraid anymore of standing up and speaking out."

Dan Rather
Rather, who according to the suit drew a $6-million salary at CBS, said any money he collects will go to nonprofit groups, including the Committee to Protect Journalists. "People will say, 'You're suing for $70 million?' You bet I am," he said. "That's the only language that these corporations understand."

Rather, who exited CBS after his work on a widely questioned 2004 newsmagazine report about President Bush's Vietnam-era military service, sued the network and three top executives this week for breach of contract and fraud. The 75-year-old newsman said that officials at CBS and its parent company Viacom needed "regulatory favors" from administration officials who were upset by allegations in Rather's weekday "60 Minutes" report that Bush as a young man had received preferential treatment. That report relied on documents that an expert panel, convened by CBS, later said could not be verified.



  1. Well G, alot of people will accuse Rather of sour grapes here, but y'know what? I hope he wins this suit because I do believe he was set up by the neo-fascists.

    This is a very dystopic time, and it's gonna get worse.

  2. I agree Dad. Rather knew what was up with 911 from the day the buildings fell. The truth is now floating to the top of the rancid swamp that has been tainted by unaccountable lies. Dumsfeld, Bolt-on, Wolfie, Gonzo, and
    even Pork Rind are so offended by the smell that they have got out of DC.
    Only Chainie relishes the evil aroma and remains hidden in his bunker, while Duhbub runs around the country explaining how all is well in Washington and the rest of the World.