Sunday, August 19, 2007

The real history of Duhbya's Ranch in Crawford

The Bush family homestead in Crawford is nothing more than an elaborate movie set. The house, built in 2000, was designed to be ready for Bush to step into - like a set awaiting an actor - during the 2000 presidential election. Not only was the "ranch" created in 2000 - so, essentially, was the "town" of Crawford! Before then only about 400 people lived in the area. The Crawford Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture were formed shortly after the ranch was finished. That "homey ole ranch house? It's actually a 10,000-square-foot single level mansion/compound. The original completion date was November 7 - election day 2000. In other words, the curtain went up on the set on schedule for "show time." The very timing of this event indicates that Bush was absolutely confident that the election would be successfully engineered in his favor.

So, in short, we have a "president" who, ON THE SAME DAY - November 7, 2000 - stole an election and had the last nail driven into a phony ranch set. The whole idea behind the ranch set,of course was so that the public could be treated to footage of Bush seeking a quiet "retreat" at the family ranch. Americans would thus assume that the ranch was a rooted family homestead or compound like the one Kennedy's had in Martha's Vineyard in November, 2000, he was merely walking onto a prepared set upon which the paint had barely dried, let alone even the barest of roots put down!

There are Liberals in Texas as well as anywhere else, and they knew of Dubya's evildoings as Governor of Texas. In December of 2000 they began publication of a weekly newspaper with a left wing view of the Bush administration. This excellent and informative publication was established and actually published in Clifton Texas, about 30 miles North of Crawford.

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