Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Montebello Anti-SPP Demonstrations Aug. 20

From Montebello, Monday night...

The tear gas appears to have started around 5 :30 PM. By that time, much of the corporate media had left Montebello, and many of the demonstrators had left for Ottawa and Montreal.

‘They’re going to wait for the media to leave before they start to clear the demonstrators,’ my friend Kabir had remarked 20 minutes before. He’d called it.

Before this point, the entire affair had been reasonably mellow, a street party punctuated by a line of unmoving protestors in front of police. A Red Cross official I spoke to had noted that they had received few injuries by 5PM, six hours after the demonstration had started, although police had sprayed pepper-spray at the crowd on a few occasions.

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