Monday, August 06, 2007

Dubya's Ear Revisited

Bush Ear Prompter Video

I recorded the Live Fox TV broadcast of June 5th, 2004, in Paris, France, that covered Bush and Jacques Chirac at a "D-Day" news conference - because, my mother is French, and the audio sounded odd. Due to an audio technical glitch at their meeting, Fox News broadcast the prompter's prerecorded voice telling Bush what to say..before Bush says it. The prompter's voice is also inadvertently broadcast to the entire room - watch the expression on Chiracs face. We did not post the entire video due to bandwidth constraints.


  1. That's nuts. We all know Bush can't even tie his shoes for godsake, let alone run the country.
    I saw something similar a few years back, where Cheney was whispering in his ear what to say.

  2. He's got to be incompetent, if he is listening to

  3. Bu$h II was bred to be a mouthpiece and a patsy. One doesn't even have to pass recess for that.

    And he fills the role very well.