Thursday, July 12, 2007

Remembering intelligent design

This is from a post I did a year or so ago and is dedicated to the 21%ers Who are still buying the Bu$h ideology. It's about what was called intelligent design and is part of the strange history of this administration. I guess Karl Rove was trying to explain evolution from the perspective of the religious right.

As a new concept of religion called "INTELLIGENT WORSHIP" the liberals have introduced the possibility of evolution being an important part of religion. This will even things out throughout the country, with religion in the schools, and science in the churches, much to the dismay of the neoconservative administration. George W Bush is calling for an investigation of the Grand Canyon to prove that it is relatively new, and is the result of intelligent design, while Pat Roberts, republican senator from Kansas,
back-peddles from his statements about Hugo Chavez and Arial Sharon', as he attempts to rationalise the outing of Chavez using scientific logic, and come up with a scientific theory as to why Sharon' had a stroke.



  1. Environment

    Aww, now my son cannot make fun of 'that fake picture'. Freaky looking.

  2. Headline News

    another link. It is an interesting site. You've probably scoped it already anyway.

  3. I've checked out Earthfiles. The close ups of tho se alleged ufo parts would be diffucult to fake. Especially the grsphics. Interesting stuff.

  4. LMFAO!

    Hey, Geez... you tryin' to shake my faith or something! Shit... could God make something like that?

    Nah... MUST be too much inbreeding!

    Lemmee borrow that pic, will ya? Should be good for a few laughs on a post of my own, sometime. I'll kudos you for it!