Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bush equates Iraq with the U.S. War for Independence

Bush urges resolve for Iraq fight in holiday address

Says he will not hand the enemy a victory by walking away and putting American security at risk.

By James Gerstenzang, Times Staff Writer
2:10 PM PDT, July 4, 2007

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — President Bush equated the war in Iraq today with the U.S. war for independence. Like those revolutionaries who "dropped their pitchforks and picked up their muskets to fight for liberty," Bush said, American soldiers were also fighting "a new and unprecedented war" to protect U.S. freedom.



  1. What freedom is that Georgie-Poo, the freedom to pay taxes to pay for wars of genocide and resources? The freedom to be spied on by the FBI, NSA and the CIA? The freedom to have my phone tapped? The freedom to have habeus corpus taken away from me if I piss off the aforementioned agencies? The freedom to have to take a fast food job plus a job at Wally-World when my job gets shipped overseas?

    Suck my 'roids you NWO punk patsy!

  2. LOLMAO...Excellent rant dad, I couldnt of said it any better. I can't cut him no slack even if he is a retarded punk hooked on power. He's walkin the walk and trying to talk the talk so he must answer for his evil ways.

    Yaknow in the real world Duhbub would allready be dead. There was a retard here in Oregon that was flipped out a little and was carrying a little stick with a bottle cap nailed to the top of it. He was harrasing a few people at the shopping center so they called the cops. When the cops approached him he started shaking his little stick at them and they shot him dead on the spot. The only difference between him and Duhbub would be their position in society. Needless to say there was minimal news coverage of this incident.

  3. OMG Geezer! They shot a retarded person for waving a stick at them? That needs more exposure for sure!!