Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seymour hersh: "We're in the business of creating ... sectarian violence."

Bush Administration arranged support for militants attacking Lebanon

Video Interview with Seymour Hersh and transcript

by David Edwards and Muriel Kane

Global Research, May 25, 2007

In an interview on CNN International's Your World Today, veteran journalist Seymour Hersh explains that the current violence in Lebanon is the result of an attempt by the Lebanese government to crack down on a militant Sunni group, Fatah al-Islam, that it formerly supported.

Last March, Hersh reported that American policy in the Middle East had shifted to opposing Iran, Syria, and their Shia allies at any cost, even if it meant backing hardline Sunni jihadists.

A key element of this policy shift was an agreement among Vice President Dick Cheney, Deputy National Security Advisor Elliot Abrams, and Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi national security adviser, whereby the Saudis would covertly fund the Sunni Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon as a counterweight to the Shia Hezbollah.

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  1. I mentioned on another blog (Suzie-Q?)that Bu$hco and Cheneyburton have always supported Sunni dictators, the Saudis being foremost because of oil. Saddam and Iranians are marked for revenge or daring to sell oil in euros.

    It always plays to their advantage to cause mayhem, chaos and bloodshed.