Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Maybe Dems will get their wish: 'Barbequed Porkrind'

White House of scandal
June 18:

More White House officials than previously known have been using GOP e-mail addresses to conduct business, and those e-mails have been "extensively destroyed." Keith Olbermann talks with MSNBC's David Shuster. Watch video


  1. As much as I hope you are right, Rove always seems to slip under the "bushes" and slither out of prison.

  2. Not gonna happen. No matter what kind of NWO past the Bu$h family has, Junior has always shown a dysfunctional loyalty to his chosen few, Rummy the Mummy not withstanding.

  3. I wish it would happen, but very doubtful

  4. Hey, Geez... I'll bet you didn't think I'd be around to haunt your site, did ya? I was holding off till you were off-guard! LOL!

    (Yeah... I forgot about ya.)


    Hey... there's women here...


  5. To all:

    I can dream can't I?

    Holly and SuzieQ

    My dreams are getting better all the time...G:

  6. Check out the Bad Attitudes blog. There is a reference on there about Bush being quite the prolific e-mailer until he went abstinent a couple of years ago. Poppy likes the email, too. Could it be that GWB had his own rnc email account? And me thinks that Rove will be hauled out of those Bushes, squealing and wiggling, all the way to a little chat with Leahy and Whitehouse, among others.