Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Iraq Veterans Against the War in Santa Monica, CA

Operation First Casualty hits the west coast
Iraq Veterans Against the War keeps up the momentum by staging Operation First Casualty in Santa Monica, CA this past Sunday. As veterans of the Iraq war shouted at, searched and hooded civilian volunteers, passers-by got a taste of what an occupation is like. Former Marine Sargent Jason Lemieux, who served three deployments in Iraq stated, "The name 'Operation First Casualty' comes from the premise that the first casualty of war is the truth. And the American people are getting fed this notion that we're in Iraq spreading freedom and making Iraq safe for democracy when really we're imposing a state of martial law on the people over there."

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  1. Actual sh*t from someone who was actually there.

    Neocons and their NWO masters hate the truth. They'll send out their goon-squads to these veteran protests soon, if they haven't already.