Friday, June 29, 2007

CAR BOMB! found in London ~Be very very afraid~

MSNBC Breaking News

U.K. police say terrorist attack thwarted

Police find suspicious vehicle hours after defusing explosives-laden car

"Early photographs of the silver Mercedes showed a canister, bearing the words “patio gas,” indicating it was propane gas, next to the car. The back door was open with blankets spilling out."


  1. You bangin' again, Geez? LOL!

    I guess all that shit about you losin' it when you get old is just that... shit!

    I should have your problems!


  2. London getting bombed again geeze?

    I don't see the problem, I've been bombed plenty of times! Oh, not that kind, sorry.

    Seriously, how come the Brits can catch "turrists" with cops and we have to use the military? WTF?

    Something smells here, and it's not my natural methane source!

  3. Well, If I ever go to London, I'm never going to fart, especially if I'm carrying a cell phone. I might still. get bombed though.

    If we ever have one of these scary events here, Darth will probably let Blackwater handle it. He needs the National Guard for the permanent occupation of the Middle East.