Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wolfowitz should wise up and quit spitting on his comb

Charlie Rose Show

Spitman puts on a poor performance, as he tries to justify his actions at the World Bank, while bolstering his ego. Charlie asks him a few questions more than once, but the only answers he got were irrevelent to the subject matter.

Here in Oregon the show is at 12:00 AM, and I doubt that any uninformed people are watching at this hour. Why do all of the neonservative ideologues think that there is an audience for political spin and misrepresentation for the facts. Everybody who has read the PNAC agenda and their plans for control of the whole Middle East are amazed at the Ludicrous lack of accountability and the lack of admission of facts that speak for themselves. This was an interview of sorts, but Wolfie changed the subject to Africa or other third world countries every time he was asked anything about Iraq. In my opinion he made himself look very guilty, not only about the loss of his position, but also about his involvement in Iraq.

There are some great comments on the blog below the video. One of them was actually in defence of Spitman...ROTFLOL

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