Friday, May 11, 2007



  1. Batiste thought the system was just right, took all the bennies and fed off his rise to the General Ranks. The whole time he says he new how the system worked, played the system and look where he ended up.
    Suddenly in a major command position he fully expects his troops from Chief of Staff right down to the lowest Private in the mess hall to square all corners ,stand up straight, sound off when spoken to , and do or die. For I am your General.
    But then lo and behold, after commanding troops in a war he doesn't politically agree with, he trashes everything and every body, and says give me my two star money, I quit. It's not fun any more.
    In my military career what MG B. said on the record and under oath, in a time of declared WAR, would have been called Treason. My Rank would have been readjusted, my pay and benefits realigned and would probably have faced a bunch of lifers just like himself/myself given the responsibility to convict and sentence his sad ass..
    I can only wonder why the Maj. Gen is not worried about that scenario. Could it be that he is not worried because the Military Leaders themselves have become so politically active that he has no fear of the consequences of his treasonous acts?

    Should the citizens of the US worry that our military leaders might stage a coup? We are one of the few countries in the world that has not faced that dilemma. Is it in the future? Or can we relax in the glow of knowing that the military leaders will stop at treason, conduct unbecoming an officer, lying under oath and mutiny. But will stop just short of attempting to overthrow our elected government. Just trashing the elected government, and trying to fix political overthrow of the elected Government.

    Fact is, the 6 Generals, none of which could be considered steller, are but just a few of the generals presently on active duty and are living proof that the Captains RIF in 1973 used the wrong criteria for selection.

  2. Fossil

    No comment will suffice for you. I'm sure that you will not agree with anything that is shown on this blog.

    Good luck with your allegience to the most evil and unaccountable administration in the history of this great country.