Thursday, April 05, 2007

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Iran uses pre-2000 American diplomacy & releases the British soldiers

Posted by kayinmaine on April 4th, 2007

Isn’t that interesting. George W. Bush has touted that he is the King of Everything for the past seven years, but yet hasn’t shown a stitch of diplomacy or peace in all those years.

(Did George Bush take up Saddam’s offer to talk things out before Bush decided to illegally invade his country? Nope! Did George Bush make a plea to any of the kidnappers of US soldiers or American citizens (media included) to be released unharmed? Nope! Did George Bush hold direct talks with North Korea all these years? Nope! (they have now, but it’s too late…North Korea has nukes because George ignored them) Did George Bush take up Iran’s offer years ago when they said they would help our country capture terrorists? Nope! Did George Bush talk with Saudi Arabia to tell them that funding the people who are killing our soldiers is making the war in Iraq worse and it must stop? Nope!)

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  1. And that is why the Gerbil made a complete idiot of himself in his all and powerful OZ speech about the Iran/UK issue. Lack of leadership, people skills, listening, and building relationships showed in the incompentent King Gerbil.