Saturday, April 28, 2007

HE'S BACK!~Bill Moyers Interviews Jon Stewert

Bill Moyers has returned to PBS and will host his show weekly on Friday at 9:00 PM. He left public broadcasting in 2004 when the Corporate Government installed their operatives as the chair and vice chair of CPB (corporatation for public broadcasting). Moyers being number one on their hit list quietly left public PBS and his show that was then called "NOW" became a half hour show with David Brancaccio .

Bill Moyers chats with Jon Stewart

The NEW YORK TIMES declared that when Jon Stewart took over as anchor of Comedy Central's THE DAILY SHOW, he "breathed new life into a show that hadn't even seemed to need it." In 2003, Stewart said of his role hosting the show, "Liberal and conservative have lost their meaning in America. I represent the distracted center." As declared on the show's site, "THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART is the most important television show ever, with the most important guests, hosts, and news - current event news, pop culture news, sports news, entertainment news - of all time."

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