Thursday, March 22, 2007

More confessions from Mohammed Khalid

Complements of Proffessor Smartass

This terrorist Mohammed Khalid is a bigger fish than we thought. He has confessed to mysterious crimes from recent times to ancient history.


  1. Yes this guy is not Super Terrorist, and I can't believe he was responsible for that big laundrylist. No it's not taking the heat of the WH now that this guy supposidly claims all these things.
    No Saddam was captured, now gone and things are worse in Iraq. Khalid was captured and what has improved?

  2. Another smoke screen by the Gerbil. And where in the hell is Osama?

  3. wow, so now we finally know who shot JFK, JR and reagan eh?
    this BS thast passes for news these days?
    I am red e 4 sc! or thailand!

  4. Kkalid is really Bin Laden'w evil twin. lol