Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lets take a worldwide vote on the Libby pardon.

The bull***t is so deep in the MSM (main stream media) that anyone without scuba gear is in trouble, but I jumping in anyway. AAaargh!

The most important charge in this trial was obstructing justice. A charge not to be taken lightly, because that justice could not be done with Libby lieing about his involvemnt with the Plame affair. While it's true that Libby is the fall guy, he was a high ranking player in the Bush administration and also an attorney, and accountable for his actions. As far as his memory goes....give me a break...If it were that bad he wouldn't be fit to be a clerk let alone the right hand man of the vice president of the US. Lets put it this way...If he was working at a gas station, and lit up a smoke while pumping gas, thus causing an explosion, he would be responsible for what happened. It doesn't take a very high IQ to pump gas, but I doubt that telling the courts that he forgot not to smoke by the gas pump would get him off the hook, so I guess at that point he would start thinking about a pardon...LOLMAO

Poor little Scooter should be pardoned? Do you think that he didn't know the lie that he was telling obstructed the truth about weapons of mass destruction, and that Bush & Co. couldn't go to war without that lame excuse. Yeh! He took the fall, just like the Mafia. Meanwhile
Cheney lied, Bush lied. Rummy lied, Condi lied, Wolfowitz lied, even Richard Perle lied, and they made Colin Powell lie. We went to war on a lie and the main stream media is now talking about poor little Scooter, a new trial and a possible pardon. A pardon by the perpetraitor himself that calls himself "The War President".

The libby trial exposed the truth about how things have been done in the whitehouse, and they are trying everything they can to hide the obvious. What I mean, is that even OPB was spinning the news to divert our attention from what was really revealed. Howabout we call for a retrial with Cheney or Bush as the defendent...That would be the fair trade off.

This is a trial that brought to light grave deceptions by our current administration that enabled them to bring our country to war to promote their own Neoconservative ambitions, and they are to this day pursuing the same ideology. Scooter Libby should serve the maximum sentence for now, with possible adjustments after the primary perpetrators of the crime are prosecuted.

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