Friday, February 09, 2007

153,000 people died today

Well....this seems to be the biggest thing on (MSM), Main Stream Media news so here goes...

Anna Nicole Smith Dies

She is one of the 153 thousand people who passed away today, so what do we discuss, her fame or her fortune? There is not much of interest, except for things that pertain to her family or her husbands family, and that she rests in peace. Or do we really have time to discuss anything except maybe in her hometown paper. If all of the papers are going to report all the deaths, we're going to have some pretty heavy newspapers as well as paper boys who are overworked.

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  1. With all the good citizens of Iraq fleeing because they fear for their life and they don't make the news. All the hell our soldiers are going through before their life ends, why can't we get a least 5 minutes on them in air time?