Sunday, February 04, 2007

McCain and Lieberman~The pathetic duo

Here they are...The man with two faces and the little man covering three bases. Why in he world would they be cheerleading for Darth Chainie. McCain has the chance of a fart in a toranado of ever being president, allthough he is a little more impressive than Dumbya. McCain thinks it would be a disservice to bring them home. I wonder if he has made any effort to ask them about it. The ex generals say we need a withdrawel strategy, and most of the generals are ex generals. I don't think you can count the generals who have resigned on one hand. I really think that the only way to get this bunch of crooks out of the whitehouse is for the 75% of us that are fed up to leave our posts. Start a march toward the capitol wherever we are and put them in jail for a trial by their peers.

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