Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ACLU files suit for extraordinary rendition victim Khaled El-Masri

Khaled El-Masri~Extraordinary Rendition Suit


WASHINGTON - I have come to America seeking three things: an acknowledgement that the United States government is responsible for kidnapping, abusing and rendering me to a CIA “black site” prison; an explanation as to why I was singled out for this treatment; and an apology, because I am an innocent man who has never been charged with any crime.

Khaled El-Masri is a German citizen who resides near Neu Ulm, Germany. El-Masri was born in Kuwait in 1963 to Lebanese parents. He moved to Germany in 1985 to escape the Lebanese War. He became a German citizen in 1995, married in 1996 and has six young children. He is a carpenter by trade and prior to his abduction was employed as a car salesman. El-Masri was detained from December 31, 2003 through May 28, 2004 in Macedonia and Afghanistan where he was held in the CIA prison known as the "Salt Pit." Currently El-Masri is unable to find employment

Air transport services company could be involved in El-Masri suit

Premier Executive Transport Services, located in Dedham, MA . PETS was the owner of the Boeing business jet 737-7ET, formerly registered with the Federal Aviation Authority as N313P and now registered as N4476S. The jet was used to transport Khaled El-Masri from Skopje, Macedonia to detention and interrogation in Afghanistan. The registration of the jet was changed shortly after media reports identified the aircraft's involvement in the CIA's rendition program. The company remains on the register of companies in Massachusetts.

Democracy Now has done excellent coverage on this German citizen of Lebanese descent, which includes a video of Khalied El-Masri giving testimony of his experiences with the CIA and the secret prison in Afghanistan.

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