Sunday, December 17, 2006

Palestinian refugees in Iraq fear for their lives

IRAQ: Palestinian refugees fear for their lives after recent attack

BAGHDAD, 17 December (IRIN) - Palestinian refugees living in Iraq say there is increasing fear in their community after a recent attack on a predominantly Palestinian Baghdad neighbourhood left nine people dead and several injured, including children

UNHCR condemns Baghdad attack; urges countries to help fleeing Palestinians

More than 350 Palestinians are stuck in inhumane conditions on the border between Iraqi and Syria. There seems to be no way out for other Palestinians trapped in the capital. © UNHCR

GENEVA, December 14 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency said here Thursday it was alarmed by a militia attack on a Palestinian neighbourhood in Baghdad which left at least nine people dead, including several children, and it appealed to countries to provide a humanitarian solution for Palestinians attempting to flee Iraq.

Local militia reportedly shelled the Al Baladiya area for three hours on Wednesday with no attempt by the Iraqi police or multinational forces to halt the attack. The militia also blocked ambulances from taking the dead and wounded to hospital. At least nine people were reportedly killed and many injured during the attack.

"We are very alarmed by this attack and dismayed by the lack of protection given to the Palestinians in Iraq. They have very limited freedom of movement and no possibility to leave the country – unlike Iraqis – to find a safe haven, nor any community to protect them," said Radhouane Nouicer, UNHCR's Geneva-based deputy director for the region.

"We are urgently appealing to the Iraqi government and the multinational forces to provide protection and safety or an alternative safe location for this targeted group. We also ask the world to stop turning their back and provide a humane solution and safe haven to these people who have no way out," he added

Palestinian refugees remain stranded on Jordan border
Report, IRIN, 19 April 2006


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