Thursday, December 14, 2006

Letter of condolence & support for Tim Johnson

Senator Tim Johnson

My heartfelt sympathy for you and your family in your recent surgery, and prayers for your total recovery in days to come. It is my wish, and undoubtably the wish of all fellow Americans that you have quality time for recovery that is free from any worries about your job, and that fellow constituents carry out your present agenda untill you feel fit as a fiddle.

As a sitting senator your term doesn't expire untill 2008. So get plenty of rest for the job you'll be returning to. Your country needs you, and demands that you return with renewed vigor for the job that you do so well.

There is a precedent in South Dakota for a Senator having his responsabilities assumed by his staff. In November of 1969,Senator Karl Mundt suffered a severe stroke. He remained in office untill 1972 while,the senator’s responsibilities were shouldered by members of his staff.

Senator Mundts wishes were carried out during his absence from office, which I believe would set a precedent, for your recomendtations being pursued in yours. As you read this please know that "We The People" stand with you, as you have allways stood for us, and we'll be seeing you soon.


Letter to President Nixon

February 17, 1970

Dear Mr. President:

On Behalf of Senator Mundt – who, as you know, is presently ill – and myself, I want to strongly urge that you now give the go-ahead to the EROS program by authorizing the Bureau of the Budget to release to the Office of Geological Survey the $3 million in additional funds allocated by Congress but now frozen by the Bureau. Senator Mundt initiated the Congressional action for these funds and I strongly supported his effort at the time our committee responded favorably to his request.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Washington, DC -- U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) today discussed the release of the Iraq Study Group's report. When asked, he reacted to the Group's recommendations as a jumping off point for continued efforts to resolve the United States' involvement in the Iraq conflict:

I think the Iraq Study Group's report is a very constructive contribution to our debate over Iraq. Their description of the circumstances in Iraq as 'grave' and 'deteriorating' are right on.

It is a grim picture of a conflict that has now lasted longer that World War II. The Commission's recommendation that the United States should encourage neighboring countries to be more involved and to engage in diplomacy with Syria and Iran is a positive step.

We have done a great deal for Iraq. Only the Iraqi people and the Iraqi political leadership can make the decisions necessary to adopt democracy. We have rid them of Saddam Hussein, created a situation where a constitution could be written and elections held, but the 'end game' to the situation in Iraq is less military than it is political.

It's my hope that we can begin, very quickly, to redeploy American troops into safer circumstances, with a greater emphasis on training and a handing off of military responsibilities to the Iraqis.

For audio of Johnson's reaction to the Iraq Study Group's report and recommendations, you can visit his Website at

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