Monday, December 11, 2006

Senator Gordon Smith had too much koolaide

Gordon Smith & the Grand Old Party

I think Senator Smith drank too much of the koolade. He was about to lose his groceries and was trying to jump out of the car. Nobody even knew who was driving and the fuzz wass closing in on them, as they tried to hide what was left of the Country Club beer. Even Karl was trying to run for it as Dubya had crapped his pants and was passed out in the back seat. Who would have known that those little bitty cans of beer could get you so high exept Rummy, who was still sitting at the bar sipping Oly's.

Anyways, Gordy saved his arse, and spilled the beans on the good old boys, and we know that he wasn't driving the car. I don't think it was Cheney either...he was riding shotgun. Nobody knows how many there were in that car, but there were beer cans all over the white house lawn when the doors opened.

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