Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lightning Sam Hopkins

I had the privalige of seeing Lightning Sam in 1962 on Grant Street in San Francisco. Went to a night club to see Mose Allison, and this dude with chrome sidewall shades and a towell around his neck came out with a guitar. I thought he was the guy that worked in the rest room. He had a harmonica on his neck, and a drum that he played with his foot. I was an instant fan, and bought a stereo record of some of his work. I even named my dog after him. This dog was half standard poople and half German shepard. The dog catcher stopped by my house one day and complained, that he couldn't catch him because he could jump over any fence. Later they did catch him, but he jumped the pound fence and escaped...true story.

No disrespect meant. Lightning Sam didn't know me, but if he did I would have been honered to have the same name as his dog. I loved both Lightning Sam Hopkins, and Lightning Sam loved Lightning sam too. Lightning Sam was the only dog I've ever known who would growl "hello" when I came home from work. I can't find a picture of him, but he looked a lot like this guy. When he got old his chops turned white. He was a friend to all who came to my house, kids cats dogs chickens ducks and the birds that ate from his food bowl, unless you wore a uniform or a suit, upon which he would take on the appearance of a junk yard dog. I had to dress up for a straight event one day, and when I walked out door, he didn't say hello, but bristled up, and give out with a barely audible GRrr.

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