Saturday, December 23, 2006

checking in and on my way for last minute shopping. I do it every year, whether I buy anything or not, and have since I was old enough to shop. I do most of my shopping at garage sales, but there is something about last minute shopping that attracts me every year. Sometimes I even go to Walmart, but never to buy, only as an observer. This is the reality flash. The happenings of Christmas, with expressions of both joy and despair, happyness and sadness, the whole gambit of the emotions.

I gaze at the shelves full of plastic toys and talking super heros, and slip into the past where there were Japanese tin racers and Howdy Doody wind up jumping jeeps. The Japanese wind racer cost 19 cents. It was the same price for many years, as were most items on the shelves. Us kids knew the prices of most items because they didn't change. ZZZzzz...

Hmmm, I wonder if I should buy this Little People set for my granddaughter, she really loves them, and has a bunch of them, but not this one. It's only $34.99 and its Christmas.
Maybe I can find something my grand son will like too...Oh ...thats right i'm just looking.

If only I could go to Woolworths of JJ Newberries, it would be a lot easier. OK...I'm outa here, my Walmart thing is done, and I'm off to the Buy Blue stores.

Merry Christmas to all...G:>

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