Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well folks, just want to say that I love animals, and being one myself, I believe in protecting our liberties. So must say that I'm appalled...or more like shocked and awed at HR 4239 The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, the bill that has allready passed the senate, and waiting to be ok'd by the house. From what I read...If you do damage exceeding $10,000 in the defence of animal rights, you can be prosecuted as a terrorist, which could mean
...sayanara amigo's

Analysis of Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act pushed by animal industry groups, corporations, and the politicians that represent them is ostensibly meant to target underground, illegal actions committed in the name of animal rights. It’s been in the works, in various forms, since the passage of the Animal Enterprise Protection Act in 1992: proponents say AEPA didn’t go far enough, and they need more sweeping legislation to crack down on illegal actions by underground groups like the Animal Liberation Front.

But underground activists won’t lose much sleep over this bill. Their actions are already illegal (and they know it). The government has already labeled them the “number one domestic terrorist threat.” And yet they continue to demonstrate that heavy-handed police tactics will not deter them.

Legal, above-ground activists are the ones that should be most concerned about this vague and overly broad legislation. And as we’ll see, it’s not just animal rights activists that should worry.

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