Friday, October 27, 2006

Saxton breaks the record on fundraising

Gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton has raised 6 million $, which is allmost double the record, against incumbent Ted Kolongoski's 3.2 million $. Kulongoski has raised money from the Democratic Governers Association, and places like the Oregon Education Association, and the SEIU.

Bush & Co. has been pouring $$$ into Saxton's campaign to try to install a Republican as governer of Oregon. He has also recieved sizable chunks from timber companies. Senator Gordon Smith who recieved record contributions from timber industries in 2002 is stumping for Saxton.

The timber industry: donations and benefits

Big donations come from companies that stand to benefit from Bush administration’s pro-logging policies

Salem, OR -- The timber industry in Oregon has been contributing steadily to the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign and the Republican Party since 2000, and stands to profit from the Bush administration’s rollbacks of federal forest protections and the resulting increased logging on federal forests in the state, according to a report released today by Common Cause Oregon.

“Oregon’s timber industry has used substantial campaign contributions to influence public policy on federal forests in the state,” said Andi Miller, executive director of Common Cause Oregon. “Essentially, the Bush administration is being paid by the timber industry to deliver our national forests to the saw mills.”


Sunday, November 06, 2005
Michael Milstein


A deal between the Bush administration and timber industry probably will restart chain saws across millions of acres of Western Oregon in the next few years, including reserves set aside for the northern spotted owl and other wildlife.

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