Saturday, October 28, 2006

George W Bush's palace in Baghdad nears completion

New U.S. Embassy in Iraq cloaked in mystery

With all of the weirdness that is going on these days, it is evident that no matter what we hear from the Neocorporate ideologues...They were and are planning to be in Iraq for a long long time...

Baghdad locale, slated to be completed in 2007, to be largest of its kind

by JIM HIGHTOWER Wednesday 16 August 2006

To those critics who keep yammering that the Bushites have spent billions of our tax dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq, yet built practically nothing—I say “ha!”

If you went to Iraq today, you’d see a marvelous new complex rising right in the heart of Baghdad. This 104-acre shining oasis will include more than 600 apartments, two major office buildings, its own electricity plant and water system, air-conditioning, a swimming pool, gym, movie theater, food court, beauty salon, car repair shop, and even a night club. And, while critics harp that practically no project in Iraq gets completed on time and on budget, this one will meet both standards.

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