Thursday, September 21, 2006

The magnificent four double cross the American people

America legalizes torture; Dems get played badly

Posted by Joshua Holland at 6:24 PM on September 21, 2006.

This could not possibly have worked out any worse

This afternoon, the White House announced that a deal had been struck with the Senate GOP "rebels" -- McCain, Warner and Graham -- that will basically continue the status quo on prisoner detentions and "coercive" interrogations. McCain, it appears, set up the Dems and the media most deftly, and then turned around and sold out America's values for a few primary votes in 2008.

Well ...the magnificent four lied to us., and handed over the keys of the dungeon to our War President, who will soon have absolute
power to do anything he wants to anybody he wants to. This was an action, meant to deceive, but what can we expect from this administration. The Democrats were snoozing while John Mc'Cain lied to us and then double crossed the American public.

McCain: No compromise on torture ban

• McCain discusses anti-torture legislation
Dec. 4: Sen. John McCain discusses his proposal to ban "cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment" of prisoners held by the United States.
Meet the Press

Updated: 11:02 a.m. PT Dec 4, 2005
WASHINGTON - Sen. John McCain, a prisoner of war who was tortured in Vietnam, said Sunday he will refuse to yield on his demands that the White House agree with his proposed ban on the use of torture to extract information from suspected terrorists.

“I won’t,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” when asked whether he would compromise with the Bush administration. He is insisting on his language that no person in U.S. custody should be subject to “cruel, inhumane, or degrdegrading treatment or punishment.”


President Thanks Senate for Agreement on Pending War on Terror Legislation

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