Monday, September 18, 2006

Barack Obama Has Had Enough

Barack Obama

speaking in Louisville on 9/14

I was wondering when Barack would speak his mind. I think that he has been cooling it as a junior senator long enough. What he is saying here is not in anger, but is an observance of unprecedented trampling on the rights of "We The People", and when this man decides to do something about it, he will have a following that may surprise us all.

Senator Obama

And he has enough honor, integrity, honesty, and savvy to lead this country out of the Neoconservative abyss we are in because of an incompetent liar that became what he wanted to be,...A War President". Now the commander in chief of the most powerful country on the planet, and what used to be the most respected country in the world, says that he has the right to ignore the Geneva convention. That the only way he can get information, is to torture terrorist suspects.

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