Monday, September 11, 2006

ABC's Disney 911 Soap Opera

I tuned in to the television docudrama "The Path To 911" on ABC last night. I nodded out during the part where they were singing Old Dannyboy. All I can remember about it is that it was like watching a soap opera. Maybe I'll brew up a pot of coffee tonight, to see what I missed, allthough I doubt that there was much factual information in this Disney movie, that uses disclaimers to admit that it does not necessarily show actual events.

This morning I was watching a good documentory, "911 PRESS FOR TRUTH", on google video. A comprehensive and informative video on the same subject, but involving real people who experienced the event. The four women, who iniated their own investigation because they could get no answers from government officials, are finally heard after they gain some recognition through the media. So far this video has over 13,000 views. I wonder how many people have viewed the Disney docudrama on tv.

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