Wednesday, June 14, 2006


If we want energy independence, clean air, pure water and responsible use of our resources, we are going to have to work from the grass roots. The bottom up, instead of the top down.
The can do spirit, and the abilities and imagination of the American people, are what is needed to bring about energy dependence. Not corporate government deliniating exactly how we're going to do it. That's why we're now the largest consumers of energy on the planet.

There is one thing lacking today, that wasn't really thought about in the early 20th, century, and that is free enterprise. Research, developement, and manufacture, are now all hitched to big business and the Corporate Government.

In the early days of automobile manufacture, we seen steam power, electric power, deisel power, kerosene power, gas power, and yes...a gas electric hybred. There were over 200 kinds of automobiles. If we could be the kind of free people that lived in that era, we would see advances in alternative energy, and solutions to our misuse of resources, including sewage and garbage.

We're entering a time when we will decide to give up many of the things that we consider necessities, and in doing so, I believe that we will have time to work on the myriad of issues that face us.

I don't think "We The People" will be able to shed our harnesses though...untill we completely replace this administration with leaders that care for more than $$$ and power.

The neoconservatives have been working hard for 10 years or so, and have replaced the majority of our representatives with Republicans. Not ordinary Republicans, but PNAC oriented money changers, that all echo the same arguments and excuses, for what they are about to do, and for the mistakes that they have allready made.

They have purposefully created a chasm between the two parties, and to build the bridge we need the majority on our side...The Democratic side...Vote a Democrat into every position, and we will bridge the gap.

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