Monday, March 20, 2006


President Discusses War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom
Dubyas here to tell us that everything is allright, in spite of the way it looks. He's walking that walk and talking that talk. He could be neck deep in horse manure, while he talks about the benifits of the Colorado Hot Springs. We've heard it from Rummy...We've heard it from Cheney...Now you are hearing it from Dubya...Everything is all right. Never mind that we mislead you, or that we didn't exactly tell you the truth, look at the results. A free Iraq with democracy in place. We're protecting you from terrorism, so whatever you do...Don't question what, why, or how we do things, because that would send the wrong signal to our enemies.

God bless the troops

Enemies...I thought we were told that this is a war on terror? Are there any apologies for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi casualties. Are there any apologies for the people who are sick from depleted uranium poisoning. We have questions allright...but mainly about who... "who is the enemy"?

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