Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Too Much Unfinished Business

The Republican Congress as observed is rubberstamping everything that comes down the pipe. The failure of the Republican Congress to exercise its oversite responsibilities is in my opinion an understatement The Neocons, have in essence stolen the government, in the name of the Republican party, which held the majority of seats, in the Clinton administration, and still does. With the "one voice" concept of the Neocons and the top down control emanating from big business, and manifested by corporate crime and lobbying, what can we expect. The Valery Plame leak is the tip of the iceberg. Scooter libby's trial has now been put off until Jan. 2007...AFTER THE ELECTIONS. Abramoffs lobbying atrocities of course play a big part in the "birds of a feather syndrome",and though he has confessed, will drag on till the cows come home. Someday The ongoing trial of Tom DeLay will get some results. Karl Rove actually has the guts to hop back in the saddle again, and seems to be insulated by so much ongo. Of course, after Scooter...He's up for interrigation. W'ere all holding our breath, wondering what the "one voice" will come up with next. Along with too many unanswered questions, there is too much unfinished business.

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