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Updated March 11, 2005
U.S. Embassy in IraqSusan B. EpsteinSpecialist in Foreign Policy and TradeForeign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division

The Bush Administration is in the process of establishing a new embassy inBaghdad with regional offices throughout Iraq. The President has requested more than$1.3 billion in its FY2005 supplemental request for the logistical, security andconstruction costs associated with the embassy. In 2005, even before it is built and fullystaffed, this embassy is the largest worldwide in both staff size and budget. As of June28, 2004 sovereignty officially was transferred to the Iraqi interim government. At thesame time, the lines of U.S. government authority in Iraq were transferred from theDepartment of Defense (DoD), the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), andAmbassador Bremer to the Department of State (DoS), the American Embassy inBaghdad, and the newly-confirmed Ambassador Negroponte. This report discusses reestablishingdiplomatic ties with Iraq and setting up the new embassy and regionalteams. It will be updated as changes occur.
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  • This artical can be found on the State Departments own web site...

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