Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ranger Gordon Don't Know Jack

It looks like the Abramoff scandel reaches all the way to Oregon, and it of course involves our Republican senator. Now I'm not big on Democratic or Republican, but the Neoconservatives made a big deal of it. We should probably get to work and see if we can get an honest senator. It would certainly help the country if he could be replaced by a democrat. We are a long way from having a balanced representation in the house and senate. The Kabal in Washington has worked hard...Just ask put so called Republicans in key positions. When George first spoke after 911 he said that we should all speak with one voice. Well...The Neocon's took it serioously, and we have heard ONE VOICE over and over on every one od their issues. I'll slow down here...I seem to be raving.
It is interesting that Ranger Gordon [ranger is the name given to any one who donates $200,000 to the Bush campaign] has taken money from Abramoff and some indian gaming casinos. It is also interesting that his trip to Scotland was paid for in the same way. It is also interesting that he returned it. But it doesn't mean much when you compare it to the money raised when Shrub visited Oregon to explain how we could take some kindling out of the forests to lessen fire danger. A record making $1,000,000, was raised for Gordo's re-election. A good return for Ranger Gordon. Gordo personally lobbied in Washington DC for the Healthy Forests Initiative.

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