Sunday, January 22, 2006

Harry Belefonte

I found an artical about Harry's speech in front of the press conference on page 5 of our local paper...The Statesman Journal...aka statesman urinal. His name wasn't in the title of the artical, but was mentioned later. He is yet another person of note who is standing up against an administration that is unprecedented in the history of this country. There are a lot of folks out here who feel the same way. People who were once in the service, including officers and generals. People who held high offices in the CIA and FBI. People who were in high government positions. And way more people like you and me, who are wondering what in the world is going on with this administration, than we realise... Where is the truth?...Where is the honer?...Where is the accountability?...Why are there so many devious things going on that we can't possibly keep track of them?...Because?

A beautiful bunch of ripe banana...
Daylight come and me want to go home...
  • I see deadly black tarantula

  • The Song is about working all night loading bananas and wanting to go home before the dangerous tarantulas would come out right before dawn. They wanted "the Tally-man" to the count the bunches they had picked and loaded to make sure that there was a sufficicent amount so they could go home before they ran the risk of being bitten by a deadly tarantula.

    Harry knew what he was talking about then, and he knows what he is talking about now. The only difference is that the social issues are much more extreme than we could ever imagine...

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